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Cannabindex's hand picked list of companies that operate in the direct handling of Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp, its multiple focuses, applications of its derived and transformed/altered state, and ancillary companies that support marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp focused companies and their consumers.

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Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. (MYHI) is blazing the trail in the fast paced and cutting-edge Cannabis industry. Mountain High is a leading infrastructure provider to licensed cannabis growers, processors and producers in emerging regulated markets. In addition to providing assistance with infrastructure design, permitting, and development/operations, MYHI also works closely with industry leaders and licensed operators who leverage scientific and technological innovations that are precisely focused in optimizing the cultivation and processing of cannabis.

 Puration, Inc. (PURA) Following an acquisition of operating assets from North American Cannabis Holdings Inc, Puration, Inc. focuses on developing and innovating a standardized extraction process to produce and manufacture a numerous variety of premium and high-quality products derived from cannabis extracts.

Puration's previous focus were aimed toward developing and marketing industry leading water purification technologies. with products like Puration’s portable personal filtered water bottles. Though water purification technologies will be apart of Puration’s goals, their current focus is centered toward developing prominent cannabinoid extraction capacity, to position itself for sustained and long-term growth, as well as provide the Company with the best available source of extracts for infusion into health and wellness consumer products. 

Kush Bottles (KSHB)

Kush Bottles is not only one of the leaders in its field of marketing and selling tested, user safe, and high quality packaging products, but they also provide consulting services for other companies operating within the medical and recreational cannabis industries. operating mostly through its online store and other B2B operations, KSHB has been able to increase its revenues by 103% Year-over-Year to $4.7 million (July 13, 2017)

Kush Bottles offers a plethora of products including but not limited to: pop top bottles; child resistant exit, paper exit, and foil barrier bags; tubes; and polystyrene, polypropylene, or silicone containers. They also connect with urban canna farmers and green house growers, as well as both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries since its birth in 2010. 

Kush Bottles has devoted numerous hours on understanding and learning  the specific needs of their customers and the markets it operates in, enabling them to become the premier packaging supply and services company to exclusively serve companies in the cannabis industry.

Vape Holdings (VAPE) Vape Holdings, Inc. focuses its efforts on creating and developing market leading designs, marketing, and distribution of quality ceramic vaporization products. The company's state of the art non-corrosive, nonporous, chemically inert medical-grade ceramic vaporization element, enable them to standardize operations for use on a wide range of applications, such as stand-alone vaporization units and E-cigarettes. The company also renders a HIVE brand which specializes in mixed ceramic vaporization elements for torched, electronic, portable vaporizers, and packaging and sourcing for businesses and products within the Cannabis market.

Strainwise Consulting (STWC) Srainwise Consulting is a Colorado based, marijuana focused consulting company. The founders of Srainwise Consulting were among the first to acquire the first ever recreational marijuana license in the world and own six dispensaries in the Denver metro area and three more around Colorado. Seven of witch selling both recreational and medical and two that strictly sell medical.

Strainwise Consulting offers multiple courses focused in running and maintaining a well ran dispensary in a proper and legal manner. They have successfully aided over 190 different dispensaries around the U.S. with a 95% success rate. Strainwise plans to expand as the best marijuana consulting service in the nation by providing their history and knowledge of the marijuana nosiness, mixed with their supreme customer support and versatility to work with business all around the country regardless of distance.

Vitality Biopharma (VBIO) Vitality Biopharma's purpose is to unlock the power of cannabinoids to help treat serious neurological and inflammatory conditions. Based out of Los Angeles, Vitality focuses on treating the following ailments with their technologies: Inflammatory bowel disorder, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, white matter disorders, epilepsy, schizophrenia, substance abuse, Huntington's disease and Chron's disease.

Vitality's main focus is on Cannabosides (a new class of cannabinoid pharmaceutical) which provide therapeutic benefits while reducing or avoiding the systemic delivery of THC into the bloodstream. The Cannabosides fall under the same classification of over fifteen other prodrugs that have became blockbusters (sales totaling over $1 billion) in the last two years.

Grow Condos (GRWC)

Based out of small Eagle Point, OR, Grow Condos operates as a real estate purchaser, developer, and manager of marijuana specific use industrial properties in the United States. since 1999, Grow Condos Inc. has provided people with real estate education and property services, and recently has targeted the marijuana industry in providing turn-key style condos to support marijuana growers. The company is involved in the development, lease, ownership, and provision of investment sales opportunities for commercial industrial properties focused in the cannabis production industry. They also offer their tenants options for lease, lease to purchase, or buy the warehouse/condo unit(s).