Brief breakdown of the High-quality CBD infused beverage industry. A potential $600 million dollar market primed for growth.

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The current CBD Beverage Market.

The approval of the Farm Bill led to a skyrocketing influx in creativity, investment, and promise for the CBD industry its employees, and products. May be the leading reason unique, playful, and beneficial high-quality CBD infused beverages are trending in the right direction in 2019, especially in North America.

Soft drinks, Teas, water, coffee, and even BEER! The combination of innovation and cannabis can create some amazing things. the consumption of any products harboring CBD works optimally just the way it does when taken using the other means. Read more on how CBD Beverages work in your body.

Who are some of the big players?

According to a Global market breakdown focusing on North America, the regional CBD Market will see big hands scoop in to grab market share, while smaller players hold on to establish their products and brands! Despite challenges, there are countless Growth Drivers leading CBD product innovation, creation, and production. Stakeholders in the space ought to establish a strong and creative approach when focusing on customer satisfaction. Innovation, and premium quality are two of the most important guaranteeing factors directly responsible for retaining North American users especially within the CBD beverage market.

A few companies operating and transcending the path in the CBD infused beverage industry are :


Where there’s room for potential growth in the market & Future projections of the market

In North America, the demand for CBD products in this case beverages. The markets rooms to grow is clear. With the increase in exposure to the nemours benefits and uses of CBD, the demand is been skyrocketing. In addition to government regulation seemingly loosening the CBD beverage industry will need all hand on deck, both big players and smaller.

According to a market study from Discover Global CBD Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and challenges, it’s clear that North America leads in CBD product innovation, creation, and production.

Going by statistics, a nation like South Africa has been seeing “stealth growth.” There are numerous companies positioning themselves in the niche. focused on CBD beverages, and logistics of their products. With super sellers such as amazon these sellers are able to gain exposure to multiple markets and ship their products worldwide.

One of the main forces creating the opportunity for this potential growth market is the possibility for beverage produces to sell directly to their customers. Of course having chain stores and big retailer partnerships would be awesome, but taking advantage of unique and value creating opportunities like “AR rideshare campaigns” or exclusive team sponsorships. Easy access to customer oriented products will allow companies to establish themselves in a potentially deep market. Leaving the writing on the wall for investors whos due diligence provides green lights full throttle eyes set on the CBD beverage market.

Loosening regulation and The passing and enactment of the Farm Bill in late 2018 comes in handy while trying to project the future of cannabis stocks. Because it shows there’s some traction, and possible belief that the U.S will follow in the steps of Canada is federally legalize, or hand power over to the state when it comes to enforcing cannabis, hemp, cbd to its state law. but allowing the consumption of CBD for both medical or recreational use as well as the multiple uses hopefully point toward a continuous demand.

In the United States, research shows the CBD beverage sector will be worth over $600 million dollars. The Farm Bill opened many investment opportunities investors of all walks who want to penetrate and focus on the cannabis, CBD, hemp market, and its ancillary business.

From an economist's point of view, it’s clearly evident that due to high implied demand, and lack of quality suppliers, there’s a lag in the supply chain. Prices are obviously inflated and a combination of scale and saturation of the market will eventually drive prices down, as then companies will be competing for market share and product superiority.

We feel that as a result of huge e-commerce platforms and the ever evolving shift in online sale. Companies that utilize multiple outlet streams and heavily attend to “Direct B2C” business models have room to capitalize on specialty and niche markets. In addition the present innovation and pulling demand of CBD based products in just north America alone call for more eyes to open to a priming opportunity to penetrate and position yourself to profit, and extract as much value from an exponentially growing market like CBD infused beverages from 2019 and beyond.