Cannabindex’s will be providing existing/potential investors, household consumers and the general public with an interactive platform. This platform isolates and brings organizations trading and operating almost entirely within the OTC market. These companies are involved in multiple industries with a wide spectrum of focuses (drink/food, lifestyle, pharmaceuticals etc). The purpose and goal ,as always, is to minimize risk and reduce potential loss, as well as hopefully become informed/educated enough to make beneficial investment decisions in the market.

Cannabindex will attempt to do this by creating a platform that will efficiently and effectively provide the most recent and useful data/information on up-and-coming cannabis organizations, curated content, markets, regulations, influential investors and daily changes/breakthroughs.


Cannabindex’s main objective is to present a user friendly interactive and informative platform that tracks past, present, and constant changing(and potential expansion) of the Cannabis market as well as its dedicated and innovative companies.

How does CannabIndex publish Information?

CannabIndex will publish Information, news, and events, on its main Website, social media outlets and other various outlets.  We will develop and implement well thought out advertising and marketing campaigns for specific time periods, hitting certain marks that are agreed upon between us and the Profiled Issuer. All compensated campaigns will be publicly published on our site, and can be prepared for you upon request or inquiry. 

CannabIndex Views:

CannabIndex looks at the term marijuana as all forms and applications of the Marijuana/Cannabis plant, as well as hemp and derivatives of the plant, but excluding synthetic cannabinoids.


Our information is pulled and scraped from numerous public sites and locations like; Google search engine and finance site, Yahoo finance, OTC Markets webpage, NYSE, NASDAQ, and the SEC Edgar database. In addition to public submission and that drawn from social media outlets and third party sources. We remind you to use any information obtained or posted on our site at your own risk.