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Cannabindex wants to provide existing/potential investors, household consumers and the general public with an informative platform. The cannabis industry is compiled of companies operating across multiple focuses such as (Drink/food, lifestyle, pharmaceuticals etc). The purpose and goal as always, is to minimize risk and reduce potential loss. In addition to confidently feeling informed and educated to make beneficial investment decisions in the cannabis market.

Cannabindex will attempt to provide recent and current news, activity, and information on both established and up-and-coming cannabis organizations. Their content, markets, regulations, influential investors and daily changes/breakthroughs.

CannabIndex's List of Tracked Stocks.

How we chose which companies to track:  

At CannabIndex we identify and ultimately choose companies to promote, track, and index based on our perception of their business model and activities which are mostly based around Marijuana/Cannabis. As well as the multiple focuses and applications of its derived and transformed/altered state, and the numerous ancillary companies that support marijuana/Cannabis focused companies and their consumers.



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